Thursday, January 18, 2007

Know your Pet Laws

I am on several e-mail lists that are dog and cat related, but the more I read about what ignorant dumb-bells PETA, ASPCA, DORIS DAY ANIMAL LEAGUE, and UNITED STATES HUMANE SOCIETY all because they do not want us to own or have service dogs of certain breeds. Why should I say certain breeds. I should say ALL BREEDS of dogs and wait, they will include and have included cats in some states and areas.

I will include hyper links so you can read up on all the asinine pet laws these idiots have talked, and lobbied our elected officials to pass and not one of our elected officials realize that groups are all terrorist related.

The Animal Talk Naturally website has form letters people can use to
contact politicians at every level and to contact pet product
manufacturers as well.

Everyone needs to set down and write letters to every senator of each state and let them know how you feel about our rights as pet owners are being violated.

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