Friday, February 2, 2007

I am really upset with a so called friendly grocery store in Kenosha, Wisconsin. They have small automatic doors going from the outside to an inside entry way with a huge double sliding door going into the store itself. This is not a good idea. The big double sliding door is great, but not for leaving the store trying to pull a big shopping cart behind you.

The cart gets hung up on a railing, then the door itself going from the inside of the store, then you have the door going to the outside where the cars are parked has the same hazard. I decided to shove the cart through a door beside me so I would not get hung up. A customer saw what I was trying to do and came to my rescue.

I used the lined off walk way only to have my cart hit ice that was not properly cleared off and tip over, spilling all of my groceries on the ground. I was so thankful I did not have eggs in any of the bags.

A young man was getting carts to take back inside came to my aide and put all the groceries back in the bags and set the cart upright. He then put the bags in the cart and pushed the cart to my vehicle and loaded my vehicle with the groceries. The sad part about this whole thing, could have been avoided with what I call child carts, these are carts that children push. I use them at our store in the town where I live and get along great.

My dilemma is, should I contact the store or turn them into the ADA for not having the customer service area marked to get help with shopping or contact the store or both?

I am still upset and my left arm is really hurting from pulling that big heavy cart around.

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