Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Broken Seating System

My power chair had some extras added to it because my needs changed.

I now have a non working, seating system. The seating system is the Amy Seating System.

I found out that first of all my DME lied to me again when he said my insurance company would not pay for the seating system to run through the chair joystick system, the price included the installation of the seating system through the chair.

Second I was told by the RTS, there weren't any instructions on how to install the seating system. I was also told they did not know how to install the seating system. I responded by asking them to please send my chair back to Innovation in Motion so the seating system would be installed properly. No way would they do that.

So NSM decided to install the seating system with a little extra toggle switch box that is placed where it will get dumped, regardless of how careful a person that switch will get broken any time you go through a door.

NSM knew this, but the greed of this company wanted to make a major profit.

The real kicker is it taks three to four months of training to install the Amy Seating System properly. Did NS&M have this training? No.

NS&M say I am a liability, WHY? because I know they have lied to me and never intend to fix my chair properly because they want all the money for themselves.

I have already taken a few steps but I need more info on what to do with a busted seating system.

Did I mention that I was never measured for my new seating system, nor was I measured for my power articulating ELR's?

If I sit in the back of my chair so I can have a little lumbar support, I tip backwards and my feet do not reach the foot plates of my ELRs. If I sit toward the front of my chair to get my feet on the foot plates, I tip the chair forward. My X5 is a 6 wheeled power chair. Now how do you tip forward or backward in this type of chair, unless something is not installed properly.

I even brought this to their attention when they brought my chair back.

I need my chair before open heart surgery.

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