Monday, February 26, 2007

Almost Hit

I know this sounds harsh, but our town has not cleared out the curb cutout on the Southeast side of Main Street and 9th Avenue in Union Grove, Wisconsin.

I had to use a shoveled out path going to the street that the CPA office next to me me shoveled earlier.

The curbs are not cleaned and this is the town's responsibility to do this. The sad part, the home owner must shovel or use the snow blower to clean the sidewalks or fined, but the curb cutouts and curbs are the town's responsibility but they are not fined because the people of the town cannot fine them.

I had to go to the Post Office which is almost across the street from me, but at an angle. I noticed only one curb cutout cleared and that was on the Northeast corner of 9th Avenue and Main Street.

I know this is in retaliation for me turning the town into the ADA for two violations. I feel I now have a third violation. the sad part is, these cutouts are a life line for those of us using power chairs to do our business.

I was coming back across the street when some idiot woman, who happened to be traveling faster than the speed limit which just happens to be 25mph in front of our home, crossed the railroad track at a high rate of speed, passed a car on the wrong side of the street and never even slowed down because I was not in the crosswalk because of no curb cutouts cleaned out.

This woman never slowed down when she came upon me she just went left of center and kept right on talking on her cellphone.

I am getting to the place where I feel this town is against me.

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