Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Town Not Compliant

I live in Union Grove, Wisconsin.

Today the state held an election for one State Supreme Court Justice.

I went to vote at our Municipal Building, 925 15th Avenue, Union Grove, Wisconsin and I could not use the handicap button to open the automatic door because someone turned off the power to said button.

The town put new doors on this building because they converted an old school building into the town municipal building. These new doors have a center post which also acts as a deterrent to those of us that are power chairs, manual wheelchairs, Seeing dogs and Service dogs users.

I feel it was bad enough to have the electricity turned off, but this is a violation of the ADA and the town needs to answer for this major infraction.

The town is acting like the disabled community does not have rights nor the right to be out in public and to have freedom and enjoy are freedoms that were won for us by those that have served our country.

The town of Union Grove are spitting on our disabled vets as well because of their actions.

What can we do to get this wrong made right?

I know what this person is going to do and do, I am sending a copy of this to the ADA and hopefully our town fathers will at least send a written apology and inform me that the problem will be rectified.

I know this will never happen, but I can dream.

I also have another problem with the town forefathers because they have one street crossing that does not have a curb cutout and this is also against the ADA. I am talking about crossing the street at First Banking Center 1201 Main Street, Union Grove, Wisconsin going south on the east side of the street. I have to either cross the street and then go where cars are parked on Main Street or travel down the side street and then use the drive up window exit to get on the sidewalk, of which both are very dangerous.

I thought curb cutouts were also to be made ADA compliant, well this town really loves to be ADA compliant. NOT!!!!!

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