Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Power Chairs

I am writing this for information purposes only and from my own personal experiences.

I never searched for my DME(Durable Medical Equipment)provider, my insurance company was the one that found the provider and was given basically an ultimatum. I later found out that this is completely wrong and you have every right to turn down an unsuitable power chair.

The reason certain providers will only offer you a certain chair is basically one reason, well several, GREED and PROFIT.

You, yourself have to research every power chair, manual chair so you can give the DME a good run for your money.

I had to learn to be my own advocate, and believe me, you get tired of fighting.

My final fight came to an end May 8, 2006 when I was able to contact one of my husband's insurance providers of DME. None of the providers would even consider the power chair I needed. NOTE the key word NEEDED. You cannot say want or anything that would not suit your needs, so you must say need.

You have to do a lot of phone calling and put everything in alphabetical order.

You need a letter of medical necessity, you need a prescription that states the type of power chair, seating system, power tilt, manual recline that is standard, power elevating leg rests, regular seating versus customized seating. Electronics, programmer.

A person cannot be afraid to to research.

The Frontier X5 by Innovation in Motion is the power chair I use.


Dennis, PTA, BSM said...

Good job Sharon!! As a long time PTA (physical therapist assistant) and fomer DME supplier I must say, you are absolutely right about the greed from your supplier and that many times you have to take the bull by the horns yourself. I always felt as though I was caught between a rock and a hard place. As a therapist I knew what was best for the client, however, as a supplier I knew what was best for the DME company. I am currently back to treating patients in an out patient clinic but I still have a passion for DME. I am currently starting my own blog for consumers and therapists so I can both educate and assist with the decision making process when choosing an appropriate piece of equipment. My blog site is www.discussdme.blogspot.com. I am having a few problems with it (I am totally computer illiterate :) but I hope you will stop by and leave a post.

Shari said...

Thanks Dennis.

It is a very long battle and now that I need my chair more than ever I do not have it.

I only have 37% heart pumping action, I am to undergo a Heart Catheterization and then Aortic Valve replacement.

Problem, Sarcoidosis,Broken back sleep apnea should not be walking at all.

How can I use a broken chair?