Sunday, August 2, 2009

First Time to Witness

I was a patient at Select Care Rehab Center at Aurora Medical Center in West Allis.
My arrival at the facility was very timely and uneventlful.
I was moving and trying to talk when I arrived, but I still was on the ventilator and I still had my stoma pipe in.
The staff and food was great.
Tom even bought me the Bible on CD, as well as a regular Bible to read.
The stoma was removed and the staff was trying to wean me off of my oxygen, but they soon realized my oxygen was a part of me.
I would leave my Bible out on my table where the food tray would be placed.
One afternoon, one of my aides, and some of her friends were in my room and we got to talking about the Bible and how I used the Book of Joshua to fit into my personal situation.
They all listened and I even explained to them about the most beautiful person I saw while having one of my surgeries.
They all said I saw Jesus and this sent goose bumps down their arms.
My room was never what was classified as a professional room.
We would laugh tell clean jokes but I did tell a dirty one.
The little boy fell into a mud puddle. You want to hear a clean one, He took a bath.
These are just a few of our jokes.
One afternoon in particular, my one aide, two other aides and one or two nurses came into my room.
One picked up my Bible and started reading from it, another one felt compelled to pray and I spoke how I used Joshua in my battle for survival.
Joshua would never ask for anything himself but only the will of God be done and God was always first when Joshua went into battle.
My battle was for me to live and tell others of what God had done for me to heal me and make me live.
I enjoyed my witnessing at Select Care and one of my aides told me she was going to start going back to church. This was after our one session in the afternoon when they were all getting ready to go home after their shift.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths. Proverbs 3:6-7

Sharon L. Schuckman

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